Does a manual transmission have transmission fluid?

Answer Yes, a manual transmission uses fluid, and in some cases, the fluid is the same as what is used in automatic transmissions. In other cases, regular motor oil or hypoid gear oil is used in place of ... Read More »

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Does a honda VTX 1300 have cruise control?

The Honda VTX 1300 motorcycle does not come with cruise control, but you can buy one separately to avoid wrist cramps and strain. As of June 2010, these cost around $30.References:Cruiser Customizi... Read More »

If you have cruise control on, and the highway has a decline to it, do the brake lights go on?

No because there is nothing applying the brakes and the light is only activated by the brakes being applied. The cruise only operates the gas. When you slow down while cruise is engaged, it's becau... Read More »

Is there a transmission fluid change for a manual transmission?

Yes, but the necessity of changing fluid depends on your vehicle. Some newer models are essentially maintenance-free; refer to the owner's manual of your make and model. If there is any noise or pe... Read More »

Does Carnival Cruise Lines have a singles-only cruise?

Carnival Cruise Lines offers special cruises just for singles. These cruises go to many of the same destinations as traditional cruises, including the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Mexico, Europe and Ala... Read More »