Can you have cornmeal on Atkins?

Answer The Atkins diet reduces the amount of carbs consumed so the body will burn stored fat instead of carbs. On Atkins, you can consume 5 to 15g of net carbs--the total amount of carbs minus fiber. Corn... Read More »

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Can I have roti on Atkins?

On One Hand: Make Whole Wheat RotisIt's almost unimaginable to think of a traditional Indian meal without its bread, or roti. Along with vegetables or meat in a curry sauce and rice, rotis are a st... Read More »

Can I have vanilla on Atkins?

The Atkins diet allows vanilla as an ingredient within recommended high-protein foods. In fact, the Atkins Advantage product line offers a vanilla shake. Permitted ingredients and foods depend on w... Read More »

Can you have capers on the Atkins induction?

During the induction phase of the Atkins program, dieters should restrict themselves to 12 to 15 grams of net carbohydrates. One serving of capers contains zero carbohydrates. So, dieters can enjoy... Read More »

How to Fry Okra With Cornmeal?

Okra grows as a long pod. It's commonly grown as a summer garden crop in the southern United States, but it can also grow in northern gardens. If you don't grow your own, fresh okra typically shows... Read More »