Can you have chemotherapy after a heart attack?

Answer On One Hand: Chemotherapy Can Be Hard on the HeartEven for those who have never had a heart attack, chemotherapy treatments can increase the risk of heart disease and heart attack, according to the... Read More »

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Can i have a heart attack just after smoking weed?

weed causes your heart to beat slower. In turn ur heart would compensate by beating stronger, this explains ur palpitations. Ur heart is not beating faster, it beats stronger. Drowsiness is a commo... Read More »

Is it possible to have a heart attack because of a heart attack?

Yes, it is possible, when one hears that he had heart attack, because of shock, he can another heart attack. It is rare now, people take it in lighter veins, as people have sufficient knowledge.In ... Read More »

After my wife had a heart attack she now has to have eight items on her prescription which we cannot afford?

This is disgusting to think you have to struggle like this .Could you not ask your doctor to put a few months supply on one prescription .Or think you can also buy a yearly prescription that cover... Read More »

I have blockage n all my arteries,and just had a massive heart attack,is open heart surgery my only option?

Hi LisaBlockages in all of the coronary arteries can prove fatal if not treated right. Depending on how severe the blockages are surgery is the right choice. PCI or percutaneous coronary interventi... Read More »