Can you have babies when you are 12 years old?

Answer You can but only if you have started to have your period by then. It is a dangerous health risk for girls that young to be pregnant and many are unable to carry the pregnancy to term. It is also hi... Read More »

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Have you ever noticed on Tv commercials when they have babies in car seats they're usually faced forward?

Wow, I didn't realize this until you mentioned it! Crazy. I suppose it's easier to shoot the baby from that angle but it isn't exactly the picture of safety, is it?

When should babies have water?

6 months is safe to start. Since all babies are different, your baby might want it before, after, or the same, 6 months. Make sure that you do not give so much water that the child does not get eno... Read More »

What is it called when you have 5 babies?

quintuplets 2 is twins 3 is triplets 4 is quadruplets 5 is quintuplets 6 is sextuplets

How to Have a Birthday Party when You Have Not Had One in Years?

Have you ever thought that you were too old for a birthday party? Your friends kept asking you if you are going to have one and you kept answering "No"? Then suddenly,you actually thought of a birt... Read More »