Can you have babies when you are 12 years old?

Answer You can but only if you have started to have your period by then. It is a dangerous health risk for girls that young to be pregnant and many are unable to carry the pregnancy to term. It is also hi... Read More »

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Why no H1n1 shot for babies under 4 years old?

The injected vaccinations approved for use in the US for H1N1/09 can be given to babies as young as 6 months. Vaccinations are not given to younger babies because their immune systems are not matur... Read More »

What is a babies size and weight from birth to three years?

How come the AAP condones breastfeeding until 2 years of age for breastfed babies?

because breast milk changes on a daily basis for years as your child's needs change. if your baby is sick it becomes more watery and helps with dehydration (a big reason i HATE when docs discourage... Read More »

What was the percentage of babies switched at birth twenty years ago?

It's only available on cable. the channel will depend on your cable provider.