Can you have arthritis in your chest?

Answer On One Hand: Arthritis Acts on JointsArthritis is a disease characterized by joint pain caused by damage, inflammation or infection in the joint. The human chest does not, on first appearance, seem... Read More »

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Can you have arthritis in your ribs?

On One Hand: Ribs Don't Have JointsThe technical definition of arthritis is inflammation of the joints. Ribs don't have joints, which would mean that by the very definition of arthritis that you ca... Read More »

What can you do if you have big fluid-filled lumps on your back neck chest and face but do not have any medical insurance?

Answer goto either the er room if they are bothering you or a free clinc

Where can you get health insurance in Maryland if you are a diabetic and have rheumatoid arthritis and your husband and you are on Medicare but you missed the enrollment period and your cobra is endin?

Answer I don't quite understand your question, but you might try hippa Are you on medicare or not?Are you over 65 or did you qualify for medicare as being disabled?

Are you saving energy if you have unplugged your refrigerator and are cooling it with ice made by the winter cold and on warm weeks you make ice in your EnergyStar chest freezer?

Answer yes of course....just a few cents a day but it will add up... but is it really worth it ?