Can you have an iPhone with 1 cent texts?

Answer You have to pay for the 30.00 internet plan.

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Why do you have to attach a picture with all your texts on the iPhone 3G It is very upsetting?

How do you check how many texts you have left with Koodo?

i would like to no have i gone over my 50 tex messige

Which tastes better burnt The 40-cent mac and cheese or the 33-cent french fries?

Well I like crispy French fries, but my mom burnt me out on the 33 cent French fries... soI'm going to say the 40 cent mac and cheese is better, because you can mix in extra cheese and mask the bur... Read More »

I don't like texts poping up in the middle of the screen of my iPhone when I receive a text. Is there an app for the iPhone 4 that will make the messaging less in your face?