Can you have an i phone 4 on cricket?

Answer the white one does show scratches like the black one does and it shows less smudges than the black one, however if the white iphone 4 does get dirty easy so i would recommend a case(otterbox).

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Can you block a phone number on a Cricket phone?

Yes, you can block a phone number on a Cricket phone. Cricket offers a free caller ID blocking option to their service subscribers. Any phone numbers you place on your Cricket's restricted number l... Read More »

Is there any way to tell where my cricket phone is via gps?

Short answer is no. A GPS is usually receive only so there's no signal for you to track it.Long answer:…

What is a Cricket phone?

Cricket is a wireless cellular phone offered by a company called Cricket. It provides prepaid and pay-as-you-go plans. All Cricket cellular phones include unlimited nationwide calling, long distanc... Read More »

How can you flash your phone to cricket?

Go to the dollar store or the cricket store and ask them too flash it for you but it cant have a sims card in it