Can you have an adopted child and a birth child on Sims 3 Ambitions?

Answer yes!! you can either adopt a baby through the phone or PC or 'try for baby' with a befriended person :) hope it helped

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My sims 3 ambitions baby to child?

If you go to the 3 dots at the bottom left then go to general options it will tell you how long the baby span is, and also it will be a toddler

How can you find your adopted child even if you didn't know your child was born until your child is a year old and you get told your child is adopted?

Is it wrong that whoever gave birth to an adopted child isn't allowed to know what happened to that child?

Let me be very very clear when I type this.RECORDS WERE NOT SEALED TO KEEP THE MOTHERS AND CHILDREN FROM KNOWING EACHOTHER. There is no reason for privacy and secrecy. Mothers were NEVER promised i... Read More »

Is it illegal for an outsider to tell an adopted child who is still under aged the whereabouts of his birth parents or tell the birth parents the whereabouts of the adopted child?

That can be extremely harmful for the child. If that was my child I would forbid you to ever see him again. That would be breaking a trust. If you have the need to tell you wait until they are 18 a... Read More »