Can you have a wireless HDTV hookup?

Answer As wireless technology proliferates, consumers naturally want this tech to migrate to television sets to remove unsightly wires. HDTVs are a reality and well within the range of anyone already shop... Read More »

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How to Hookup an HDTV to Cable?

High Definition televisions (HDTV) provide a picture quality of over twice what a standard definition TV provides. In order to receive the improved picture quality though you do need to change a fe... Read More »

How do you hookup a blue ray to HDTV?

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How to hookup DirecTV Hdtv box to regular tv?

Answer Hi, HDTV and regular TV signals aren't compatible. Unless you can get a converter box somewhere, don't waste your time trying. Hope this helps, Cubby

Hookup Wireless Stereo Headphones to tv?

Yes, as long as your computer is equipped with an analog headphone or speaker jack (most are).