Can you have a vbac after 5 c-sections?

Answer The first thing to remember is, your medical decisions are up to YOU.There are certainly women out there who have had VBACs after 2, 3 or more cesareans. Your risk of uterine rupture does go up wit... Read More »

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I'll try again... VBAC?

I had a successful VBAC 7 months ago with my first it was an emergency c-section last minute and unexpected the experience was awful! I thought i would die from all the pressure i felt while taking... Read More »

Any mommies out there that had a VBAC?

First of all, Congratulations!Now, to answer you question. I was a VBAC candidate. I found I was pregnant three days later after my daughter's first birth date. My goal was also to have a vaginal b... Read More »

VBAC mommies with experience?

As long as you aren't high risk, why would it be a problem?My first son was a vaginal birth, second son was a C-section and my third was a VBAC. Baby #3 was born two and a half years after my C-sec... Read More »

Can you have more than 4 c-sections?

Yes, you can have more than 4 c-sections. I've had five myself. I know women who've had 6, 7, 9, and 11 respectively. Just because it is possible does not mean that it is recommended. Your risks of... Read More »