Can you have a second baby with trisomy 18?

Answer Africa, then Asia

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I'm pregnant with my second baby, my first born is under the impression I am have a pig?

I just had an ultrasound and now I have to get an amniocentesis for Trisomy 18 syndrome?

my hubbys uncle and his wife(shewas only 25) were suppost to have a downs baby and had alll the tests all said+ When she was born is didnt! I will pray for you God has a plan for everyone including... Read More »

What can be done if a girl is pregnant and does not want to get a baby what can she do to not have the baby in the second week?

AnswerI assume you don't want to be pregnant. If a female doesn't want to be pregnant the only 100% sure fire way to not get pregnant is to not have sex. However contraception is extremely effectiv... Read More »

Did Tracy Hutson have her second baby?