Can you have a salt lamp in a baby's room?

Answer On One Hand: A purer environmentAccording to Liberty Salt Lamp, you can use a salt lamp in a baby 's room. Himalayan salt, whether in a lamp or by itself, is said to have many health benefits, such... Read More »

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What is a salt crystal lamp?

Salt crystal lamps have become a popular feature in home accent lighting. The lamps are used for soft lighting and for natural allergen reduction indoors.SignificanceSalt crystal lamps are created ... Read More »

What are the benefits of a salt lamp?

Salt lamps are viewed as an attractive alternative to the air purifier. The salt lamp has aesthetic benefits, and it is claimed that it also it also has health benefits, as the negative ions it rel... Read More »

What is a rock salt lamp?

Rock salt lamps are made from natural rock salt crystals. The hand-carved chunks of salt are illuminated with candles or electric lights, providing any room with a unique ambiance.IdentificationRoc... Read More »

What other things such as a salt lamp can i use to help encourage good health and spirit?

1)Inspect your home for signs of mould.2)If you have a fan above your stove, turn it on when you're boiling water.3)Instead of leaving your clothes on the floor, hang them up--especially if they ar... Read More »