Why does Dora have a monkey as a friend?

Answer Animal sidekicks and pets are common in juvenile fiction, and why not one of man:s closest relatives, the Monkey I cannot resist the old pun- and a fine example of poetic license- to the tune of a ... Read More »

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How to Care For, Love, and Have Fun With a Stuffed Monkey?

Perfect example of a stuffed monkeyIf you love monkeys like I do, you would have some stuffed monkeys. Here is how to care for and have fun with a stuffed monkey. No article could tell HOW to love ... Read More »

What Does Purple Monkey Dishwasher Have In Common?

Does anyone have a delicious recipe for Monkey Bread?

If you haven't made it yet...I am calling...It is easyandI can talk you through it.....Peace.

How to Monkey Vault?

Monkey vaulting a rail is part of parkour, or free running. Lots of fun, and it looks interesting.