Do you believe severe stress can cause a miscarriage?

Answer 2 problems with trying to directly link stress with miscarriage. Firstly it is almost impossible to measure or quantify stress. Secondly to establish if stress is linked to miscarriage, one would n... Read More »

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How to Deal With Anxiety and Stress?

I "discovered" these simple ideas a few years ago. What I did was try and do one each day, not just read it, act on it. When I finished the list all I did was start at the top again. They are not a... Read More »

Can stress and anxiety cause back pain?

On One Hand: Back Pain Can Have Many Physical CausesBack pain can be caused by muscle cramping or from a misaligned spine or even from an old injury that may not have healed properly. It can also ... Read More »

Can stress&anxiety make you physically sick?

On One Hand: Stress and Anxiety Can Lead to Physical SicknessWhen people get stressed or anxious, their emotions take a toll on their bodies physically. According to Deborah Rhodes, MD, in the Pare... Read More »

Can no sleep&stress make anxiety increase?

On One Hand: Increased AnxietyLong-term sleeplessness and stress can lead to permanent damage to the body and the brain, according to Prolonged lack of sleep and stress could lead ... Read More »