Can you have a heat pump&a traditional furnace in a two-unit house?

Answer A two-unit home can have both a heat pump and a traditional furnace. In fact, a single-family home could have both systems, although either the heat pump or the furnace could take care of heating t... Read More »

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Is it possible to have a heat pump and traditional heat in the same home?

It is possible for air, water and ground source heat pumps to work independently or alongside traditional heating systems in the home. Heat pumps can provide radiant and/or warm air heating and/or ... Read More »

We have central heat and air. Does the furnace blower unit power on for the AC system too or is there a separate blower?

Answer There should be only one blower to move the air. The unit will have a coil for cooling and a heat exchanger.

How is heat produced in an oil furnace?

An oil furnace produces heat by igniting liquid oil in a burning chamber and distributing the heat through a ventilation system.MixtureLiquid oil must first be mixed with air to provide essential o... Read More »

What is a heat exchanger in a furnace?

A heat exchanger transfers heat from the inside of a furnace to the surrounding air to warm a home. Because the heat exchanger contains combustible gases, a defective unit usually requires replacem... Read More »