Can you have a glass table outside?

Answer On One Hand: Glass Patio Tables Are Aesthetically PleasingThe Glass Table Tops of America website maintains that purchasing a glass-topped table is an easy way to make your patio look elegant and p... Read More »

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How big a table base do you need for a 54 inch glass table top?

The base needed for a 54-inch glass tabletop should be at least half the size of the glass, so that the table is not easily tipped over. For especially thick, heavy pieces of glass, the base should... Read More »

How to Keep a Glass Table From Sliding?

The problem with a glass table top is that it can slip or shift around the edges of the table. This is especially true for table tops that do not have an edge to hold them in place. There are two e... Read More »

How to Remove Wax from a Glass Table Top?

So you forgot to set a plate or candle holder under your candle, and it melted onto the glass table and you cant get it off. No worries. Here are two easy steps to removing wax from your glass tabl... Read More »

How do I remove wax from a glass table?

Let wax that has dripped on your glass table dry hard before trying to remove it. Obtain a razor blade. Creative Homemaking says to "scrape it (the wax) with a razor blade, nearly parallel with the... Read More »