Can you have a glass of red wine while pregnant?

Answer On One Hand: A Small Amount May Be OKPregnant woman can safely drink one small glass of wine, about 4 ounces or less a day after the first trimester, according to the National Institute for Health ... Read More »

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Should blue MD 20/20 be served in a red wine glass, a white wine glass, or a merlot glass?

Thunderbird is served in your finest red wine glass.Night Train is served in your finest white wine glass.Mad Dog is served in your finest merlot glass.

Is it safe to eat wine vinegar while pregnant?

Is it ok to drink non-alcoholic wine while pregnant?

Yes. Just make sure it is NONE acoholic and not just low alcohol.The problem is the alcohol itself and not the wine. The alcohol affects the blood flow through the placenta which is the way the foe... Read More »

Is it okay to drink wine while you're pregnant?

Answer General wisdom says that women should not drink alcohol or use drugs during pregnancy. Always check with your physician before taking any medication during pregnancy. Answer NO!!!! http://w... Read More »