Can you have a colonoscopy if you have hemorrhoids?

Answer Yes, you may have a colonoscopy if you have hemorrhoids. In fact, if there is any evidence of anal bleeding or microscopic bleeding in your stool, your doctor may order a colonoscopy to rule out ot... Read More »

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Can a colonoscopy cause hemorrhoids?

A colonoscopy is sometimes used to diagnose hemorrhoids and check for underlying problems, but it does not cause hemorrhoids. According to the Mayo Clinic, hemorrhoids are caused by chronic diarrhe... Read More »

Can you get a colonoscopy with hemorrhoids?

On One Hand: Used for DiagnosisAccording to, a doctor may use a colonoscopy to properly diagnose the cause of normal hemorrhoid symptoms. The practice is quite common as it helps rul... Read More »

Should I Have Virtual Colonoscopy or Regular Colonoscopy?

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Why are hemorrhoids called hemorrhoids and not asteroids?

Because asteroids only has one s (as-teroids) and hemorrhoids is closer to like the hemisphere type of thing, get it?