Can you have a chest x-ray when you are 6 months pregnant?

Answer It is unlikely that they would give you one because it could harm the baby

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Can you have a chest xray when you are 8 weeks pregnant?

Could an X-Ray at the dentist's office damage an unborn fetus?Tooth x-ray, also known as dental radiography, is using low energy radiation. If what you mean by tooth x-ray is orthopantomography (OP... Read More »

Can you be pregnant if you have cramping for 4 months straight even with your period and have ben on the pill for 9 months but missed about 2 weeks?

Birth Control can increase your chances of getting pregnant if you miss pills or take them at diffrent times. And it is possible to become pregnant and still have you period so I would take a pregn... Read More »

Is it safe to have an abortions when five months pregnant?

This medical procedure is not available to a woman that is this far along.

Is it normal to have your pee burn when you are nine months pregnant?

Answer Usually burning while urinating means you have a urinary tract infection. Call your doctor to have a urine test done. In the mean time drink Cranberry tea or take some cranberry pills. No... Read More »