Can you have a baby with a scraped uterus?

Answer If by scraped you mean a D&C (dilatation and curettage), then yes you can. Most women will not experience a decrease in fertility after D&C. However, this is a rare complication, usually after a mo... Read More »

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Can you have a baby with a scraped uterius?

The uterus is like a very flexible muscular bottle. As the baby decends it is possible for limbs etc to scape against the inside. However the inside of the uterus is heavily padded with a plush lay... Read More »

Can you still have a baby when you do not have your uterus?

The baby is enclosed inside the uterus, that is where it gets it nourishment and where the egg attaches to! No uterus... NO BABY.

Ways to have a baby without uterus ovaries and fallopian tubes?

Well, if you dont have a uterus or fallobiantubes you can always adopt a baby or have a surrogate which is someone who holds your baby through pregnancy then gives birth and give it to you. Ovaries... Read More »

How much does a baby sleep in the uterus?

An unborn baby may sleep from 45 minutes to two hours in the uterus. Once an unborn baby reaches the 25 week mark, he may begin to kick and move around more. This activity causes him to sleep for a... Read More »