Can you have a baby at 18 years old with a 34 year old?

Answer Yes you can, you are an adult at 18. I do not advise it because pregnancies at that age can lead to anemia ( when the body does not have enough red blood cells), preterm delivery and low birth rate.

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If you are about to be 17-years-old and are pregnant by a 19-year-old can your parents make you give up the baby or keep you away from the father so you and your baby will never see him again?

no you are over sixteen you have the right to do what you want if i were you id keep it just shag up again

If you are 16-years-old and pregnant by a 20-year-old and he is trying to be there for you and your baby what can happen?

How can a 14-year-old tell her parents she might be pregnant if they will kick her out and the baby's father is 25 years old and it was a one-night stand?

Answer You say you only "might" be pregnant. The absolute first thing you do is go to a drugstore where nobody knows you and buy a home pregnancy test. You follow the instructions on the pack to th... Read More »

If you are 15-years-old and your unborn baby's father is 18-years-old can he go to jail in the state of Florida?

AnswerNo, he can not. Your parents can press statitory rape, but unless you testify against him, he cannot*****Absolutely he can. He's committed a felony by having sex with you. The DA does need th... Read More »