Can you have a GED to become a CNA?

Answer Most certified nursing assistants (CNAs) must have a high school diploma or GED. Some employers may require additional training, which may include on-the-job training, seminars or community college... Read More »

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Do you have to become a police officer to become a detective?

Some law enforcement agencies require detectives to be police officers. The requirements for becoming a detective varies amongst police forces. It is not uncommon for detectives to begin their care... Read More »

Do you have to have some sadomasochistic tendencies to want to become a dentist?

I stay away from them...I never understood the "this wont hurt" thing...I am sure they meant it would not hurt them as it hurt like hell for me...Evil sadistic people they are...

What qualification do you have to have to become a life guard in Canada?

The U.S. Coast Guard Tartan, though normally worn by pipe band members claiming affiliation with the U.S. Coast Guard, may be worn with the CG Dinner Dress uniforms, CG Service Dress Blue uniform, ... Read More »

Sinc I have started to donate blood, the vains on my arm have become a lot more noticeable?