Can you have DSL without a land line?

Answer Yes, it is possible to have a DSL connection for your computer without having a land line (voice line). Sometimes referred to as "naked DSL," your monthly DSL cost will be slightly more than it is ... Read More »

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Is it possible to have wifi without having a land line?

No landline is necessary for wifi or broadband Internet access, according to Suddenlink representative Matthew Evans. "The days of the home phone are long gone in most cases," said Evans. "The only... Read More »

Can you get broadband without a land land line or at least with another phone company other than bt?

you can have several choices...thru cable...or a naked DSL-line( non-home-phone-line) or the best at last wif-fi got to see all your providers, and make a wise decision! the wi-fi ... Read More »

Can you fax without a land line?

It is possible to fax without a land-line phone via Internet access through a computer. Besides not needing a land line, Internet fax has the added advantages of not requiring paper and ink or spec... Read More »

How do you use Direct TV without a land line?

Answer Hi, Just unplug the land line. The purpose of the land line was to connect and report any programs you had purchased for billing purposes, and it may disable some functions in your receive... Read More »