Can you harm your baby by exercising during early pregnancy?

Answer Answer No you will not harm your baby, as long as your doctor didn't tell you not to exercise you will be fine, just remember not to over due, don't let your heartrate exceed 140 and don't work yo... Read More »

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What harm will alcohol do to the baby in the early stages of pregnancy?

2 much alcohol, the baby may suffer brain damage and may come out deformed.Preventions: drink as little as possable or not at all.

Does detox cleansers harm the baby during pregnancy?

This may take up to two months. Once this drug is in the system it effects the baby the same way it effects you. The drug will leave the system the same time it would take t o leave yours.

Will it harm the baby if you get food poisoning during pregnancy?

Answer Yes, The food you eat also goes straight to your baby girl/boy/eny other.

Can a stomach virus during pregnancy harm your baby?

Answer No. The placenta won't let the virus transfer to the baby. All is well. Answer No! I had a stomach virus at 8 weeks pregnant and the doc told me that the baby would be fine. Just keep your... Read More »