Can you guys please watch this video and comment?

Answer Posted a comment. It was a good video, and I do find it heartbreaking that these children in Africa suffer so. However the basis for this seems to be a fight against inequality, which is futile. It... Read More »

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Please comment on this video {link}?

How is that a question? Are you using yahoo answers for free advertising?

Hi guys, mind leaving a comment or 2 on this vid :3?

Sure, Ill help you out, just return the favor by subscribing to

Can you go onto You Tube and rate and comment my video dedicated to Madeleine McCann please?

very,very,nice,that is such a sad thing that's happened to that family,my prayers to them on finding her safe.

I'm watch a video but the video is three seconds behind the audio. How do I fix this?

Well the video you are watching skipped some frames when it was recorded, so you really don't have any choice but to watch it our find another copy that is not illegally copied.