Does anyone have any remedies for fingers that develop pain after holding a pen for too long?

Answer soak them in warm water then rub deep heat on to them and stretch them and flex them back wards.. just keep them moving.dont put your hands near your eyes if the have deep heat on them.

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In the 80s there was a game show where you had to answer questions in order to reviel pieces of a pic then they had to guess what the pic was example a bull holding the letter I equals bullseye?

Yes and No, It depends on what place it is or how bad it is.

If you had to guess the most popular names for twins, what would you guess?

Jacob and JoshuaGabrielle and Isabella Madison and Morgan

Sometimes maybe i guess i need help i guess, and id just kinda like to ask a question here pretty much?

Nothing, Zach!Wave bye bye to your hair!! *waves*;-)

If you get your arm chopped off while holding something, will it still be holding it or will it go limp?

Don't you think you've got more important things to worry about if your arm gets chopped off?