Can you grow tea in a pot in the winter?

Answer Anything is possible, however, it would take a VERY large pot, and a big window. Thing is you don't get much Tea from a small single plant. It is better and much more economical to buy your tea. I... Read More »

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How to Grow Winter Salads?

Winter salads are just as important in your diet as salads at any other time of the year. Being able to grow them during winter is a wonderful experience, whether you do so indoors or out, dependin... Read More »

How to Grow Winter Rye Grass?

Winter rye grass can improve your winter landscape not only by being attractive but also by improving your garden soil. Winter rye is a cool-season grass that can germinate in low temperatures; in ... Read More »

How to Grow Winter Onions?

Winter onions are an extremely large, hardy vegetable that can survive in cold temperatures. Typically, the majority of their growth occurs over the winter months. Most winter onions are also consi... Read More »

Do trees grow in the winter?

The exterior portion of trees, such as the branches and trunk, do not grow during the winter months. Tree roots, however, do grow during the winter as long as they are not too close to the surface ... Read More »