Can you grow shrubs inside as house plants?

Answer Some types of shrubbery are only suitable for outdoor decorative hedges, but others work well as house plants. The Ixora Shrub, for example, is not only a common house plant, but also an outdoor sh... Read More »

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Plants That Are Colorful & Grow Inside the House With Little Care?

Thousands of plants can be grown inside, although many require constant maintenance and gardening expertise to keep them alive and thriving. Some plants, however, will not only survive nexperienced... Read More »

Plants or Shrubs That Grow Well Under Pine Trees?

When choosing plantings for areas under pines you should consider not only lack of light, but soil quality as well. Dropped pine needles acidify soil, so choose plants that can tolerate partial sha... Read More »

Plants and Shrubs That Grow Well in South Georgia?

Gardeners in southern Georgia have a wide range of plants and shrubs to choose from. The southern half of the state experiences hot summers with high humidity levels, and winters with an average lo... Read More »

House Plants That Grow Baby Plants on Their Leaves?

Vegetative apomixis is a form of asexual reproduction that enables certain plant species to reproduce without fertilization. Several varieties of the Bryophyllum genus reproduce in this manner; the... Read More »