Can you grow opium poppies in an aerogarden?

Answer Yes, you can grow opium poppies in an aerogarden.

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Do oriental poppies contain opium?

Three poppy plant varieties, including the Oriental poppy (Papaver orientale L), contain opium. Shortly after an Oriental poppy plant flowers, its petals fall to unveil a capsule containing raw opi... Read More »

Do Oriental poppies produce opium?

Opium is made from cutting the unripe seeds of the Oriental poppy and allowing the collected lactose to dry. Oriental poppies are mostly grown in China and other parts of Southeast Asia, Mexico, Tu... Read More »

Can the aerogarden grow plants?

The Aerogarden totally works. I am currently growing a basil seed kit and recording progress from beginning to end. You can purchase a wide variety of seed kits from the Aerogarden store or you can... Read More »

How to Grow Herbs in an AeroGarden?

The AeroGarden provides you with the enjoyment of indoor growing without the hassle of sweeping up dirt, frequent watering or mixing and applying fertilizer. An AeroGarden houses plants in a heated... Read More »