Can you grow marijuana with the seeds you get with weed?

Answer Yes.

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How much weed will one marijuana plant grow?

Ok, like the different breeds of dogs, there are over 2000, "breeds", or strains of marijuana. Genetically, these are grouped as indica (mountainous regions of the Hindu-Kush area of India) and sa... Read More »

Can you grow marijuana seeds without dirt?

They can be grown in almost any kind of growing medium. They can also be started in water and papertowel. I prefer to use rockwool. Works amazing. Raises the germination rate by 60%.

Can i take marijuana seeds in the ground with manure and let it grow by its self?

Yeah ofcourse you can. The bud may get wet if you dont cover it from the rain. Bugs and animals also like to snack on it but you should give it a go.

How to grow my weed seeds?

Keep the light on them. When you get the second set of leaves, the first set are leaflets and do not photosynthesize, then you can start giving the plants some organic Fish Emulsions fertilizer as... Read More »