Can you grow chillies from the seeds inside the pepper?

Answer Answer If the seeds are not from a hybrid variety, then you can save the seed. Do this by removing the seed and drying for a few days on paper. It is best to handle chillies with rubber gloves to p... Read More »

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How to Grow Bell Pepper Seeds?

The bulbous bell pepper boasts brightly colored skin and bursts of sweetness with every bite. Bell pepper plants add visual interest to a garden and their fruits provide satisfaction in the kitchen... Read More »

Can You Grow Ghost Pepper Inside?

Even chili pepper fanatics who want to push their limits on chili heat have to work up the nerve to try Bhut Jolokia. Called ghost chili in English, this native of northeastern India was recognized... Read More »

Can I grow peppers with the seeds from a supermarket pepper?

Seeds are harvested from peppers when ripe, whether from the supermarket or from an existing vegetable garden. Most peppers are considered ripe when they turn red. Pepper seeds can be harvested via... Read More »

Can jalapeno pepper be substituted for green chillies?

Yes. It depends on your recipe and what taste/how hot you want it.