Can you grow a plum tree from a pit?

Answer You can grow a plum tree from the pit of a plum. Sow the pits in the fall after the first frost. Bury them under 4 inches of soil. Over the course of the winter they will crack open so the seeds wi... Read More »

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How do I grow a plum tree?

PlantingCreate a hole slightly larger than the rootball. Remove any damaged roots. Place the tree in the hole. Add one cup of complete fertilizer such as 12-16-12 to the soil and mix thoroughly. Th... Read More »

How Do I Grow a Loquat Plum Tree?

Plant the loquat tree on the south or southeast facing side of the house for optimal sunlight and protection from the cold . Find a location with well drained and fertile soil that is slightly acid... Read More »

Will a flowering plum tree grow well in Texas?

Several varieties of flowering plum trees that grow well in Texas, such as flatwoods plum, Mexican plum, and purpleleaf plum. Plum trees are susceptible to drought and should be planted in well-dra... Read More »

How to Start a Plum Tree From a Pit?

Growing a plum tree from a pit is one of many ways to propagate a fruit tree, but it is perhaps the least reliable. You will not be guaranteed a tree that produces the same quality or flavor of fru... Read More »