Can you go transfer from a community college to an out-of-state university?

Answer Val - of course you can. But there are a few important caveats:1) Your school probably has relationships with some (or all) of your state's 4-year schools - assuring that all graduates of the commu... Read More »

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Possible to transfer from a 2 year community college to a Global30 university?

General subjects will not transfer in all likelihood, since these are different from country to country and institution to institution. Major specific courses are more likely to transfer, but it w... Read More »

On academic suspension at one university, can I transfer to a community college Eligible for financial aid?

Being placed on academic probation and then suspension has automatically placed you on financial aid probation. This means that you cannot get federal or state financial aid at any school in the Un... Read More »

California State University to Community College?

chances are the financial aid will not transfer. If he really wants to leave I personally would not stop him (even though it would tear me up inside, too). I attended com. college before entering... Read More »

I can transfer my financial aid award from my college to a community college i don't want enroll in 4 year C?

No, you cannot transfer FA directly to another school. The amounts and types of aid vary depending on a number of factors, including the cost to attend. If you are transferring to a community coll... Read More »