Can you go to the dentist when you are pregnant?

Answer On One Hand: Continue Routine Visits To The DentistRoutine dental examinations and preventative cleanings are considered safe during the second trimester of pregnancy. The American Pregnancy Associ... Read More »

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Is it OK to go to the dentist while pregnant?

On One Hand: Going To The Dentist Is RecommendedAccording to the American Pregnancy Association, visiting the dentist during pregnancy is not only safe but also highly recommended. In addition to r... Read More »

What color is your pee when you're pregnant and should you not drink soda when you're pregnant?

Answer Your pee is the same color it always is, at least mine was. And soda is not really recommended when you're pregnant because of the sugar (which could raise your change for gestational diabe... Read More »

How do u concore your fear of dentist and how long since youve been to the dentist?

go to a sedation dentist..................he will give you good drugs beforehand

I have a dentist appt tommrow so the dentist can go through the treatment plan for braces?

The dentist/orthodontist reappoints the patient for the treatment plan, provided that all diagnostic materials are present(cast impressions, panoramic and cephalometric x-rays, photographs) because... Read More »