Can you go to prison for owing money on your credit card?

Answer In general, you cannot go to jail over any debt, even money owed on a credit card, according to FindLaw. In rare circumstances, however, you can receive prison time, such as if you hide assets afte... Read More »

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How to Add Money to AccountNow Visa Card Online Using a Credit Card?

AccountNow prepaid debit cards offer the convenience of using a credit card without the credit limits that restrict credit card use. These cards have low convenience fees and let you spend only as ... Read More »

Should a credit card cost money?

On One Hand: Usually NoAccording to, credit card issuers began to stop charging annual usage fees for their cards around 1990 when AT&T dropped fees on most of its cards. Today, you... Read More »

Can i cancel a credit card even if i owe money on it?

On One Hand: Pay Off the Balance to CancelTo cancel a credit card, the existing balance has to be paid off first. An out-of pocket cash payment is not required, however. The balance can be paid off... Read More »

What happens when you go to a restaurant and don't have enough money to pay and no credit card?

if they management is nice, they'll take your name, address, phone number, and have you pay them back later.if they are't nice, or it was a huuuuggge dinner, they might have you call someone who ca... Read More »