Can you go to prison for benefit fraud if you have a newborn baby?

Answer Yes, then they also take the child away from you. Where the child goes depends on many things. They do not put you in jail for having a baby, nor will they keep from putting you in prison because ... Read More »

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If a woman have a baby in prison what do they do with the baby?

Put it in the special hospital area of the prison for baby's doing time.

How to Report a Benefit Fraud?

Federal and state agencies such as the Social Security Administration, Medicaid and state social services or human services departments provide assistance or benefits to those who qualify based on ... Read More »

How does a newborn baby have nightmares?

Newborn babies can be bothered by many things, such as by gas in their gastro-intestinal tract, or by diaper rash, or by hunger, but they do not have nightmares. Nightmares require ideas, and that ... Read More »

Wow have you seen the size of this newborn baby ?

Ok I had to come out of my Y!A break for this one..... WOW that is a BIG baby!God bless that woman and her super uterus! The baby is cute too; I just wanna cuddle him!