Can you go to jail if you don't file your taxes?

Answer According to, the IRS does not criminally prosecute individuals who don't file their tax return if they make an attempt to file or make arrangements to file before they are criminally inves... Read More »

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Can you file your taxes online?

You can file your federal taxes online for free through the Internal Revenue Service's official website. Some states also permit taxpayers to file income tax returns online. If you need to use tax ... Read More »

Can you file taxes without all your W-2s?

You can file your taxes without all of your W-2s. You must first attempt to contact your employer and the IRS in order to obtain any missing W-2s. If unsuccessful, you should file your taxes as usu... Read More »

Can You Use Your Last Paystub to File Your Taxes?

You can use your last pay stub if your employer has not given you a W-2 and only after you contact the IRS about the missing W-2 and you fill out form 4852 with the year-to-date information on your... Read More »

Can you go to jail if you dont have a driver's license and with no insurance?

It depends on your priors but it shouldn't be a jail able offense. If you have been jailed I would talk with your attorney or the public defender for proper legal advise.