Can you go to jail for writing a bad check?

Answer As of 2009, each state has its own laws regarding bad checks. However, the practice of writing a check with insufficient funds is illegal in all 50 of the United States. The writer of the check can... Read More »

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How much jail time does one get for writing bad checks?

Writing a bad check can be costly. Penalties imposed on bad check writers vary by state. Fines can reach upward to $50,000 and up to 10 years in jail.Source:Bad Check Laws by State

Can I get my husband's Social Security disability check while he is in jail?

No. If your husband is in jail for more than 30 days, his disability benefits will be suspended. However, if you or your children are also receiving your own disability records, even if they are ba... Read More »

How to Check Your Writing?

There is more to writing an excellent essay or report than simply understanding the topic and composing a thoughtful, meaningful piece. Even the greatest writers must check their writing for errors... Read More »

When is writing a bad check a felony?

Writing a bad check is considered a felony when the check in question is written for $500 or more. Also, if a check is written and drawn on an out of state bank, it is a felony regardless of the am... Read More »