Can you go to any college with an ROTC scholarship?

Answer Yes.

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What is the advantage of enlisting in the military rather than going to college on a ROTC scholarship?

Can you apply for a AF ROTC scholarship in college and have all four years paid for?

There is no way to enter any military service as a Non-Commisioned Officer (NCO) or Senior Non-Commisioned Officer (SNCO). If you participate in a Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, some branch... Read More »

If you already have a navy rotc scholarship can you transfer it to an air force rotc scholarship?

Yes. You're still subject to the eligibility requirements of any university you're attending.

You are a contracted but non-scholarship smp cadet in army rotc if you quit rotc what happens to you?

i don't know about the non-scholarship part, but if u are in smp you have signed a Contract with the Guard or Reserves, not ROTC. This means if you quit or get kicked out of ROTC you still have an ... Read More »