Can you go swimming while you're on your period?


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If you kiss someone while youre on your period would you become pregnant?

Can you go swimming when you get your period , ?

You don’t need to use a tampon when swimming, there are other menstrual products you can use which are far better for swimming than tampons such as sponges, softcups or menstrual cups. I recommen... Read More »

How do i go swimming if im having my period?

You could use tampons. Or you can just run straight into the water, your period will stop temporarily. Some girls do that at my school when they don't want to use tampons and are forced to swim for... Read More »

Does your period stop if you go swimming?

Your period does not stop when you go swimming, it may seem lighter but this is only because the water dilutes your menstrual flow – thus why so many girls think their periods do stop in water.Yo... Read More »