Can you go swimming while you're on your period?


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If you kiss someone while youre on your period would you become pregnant?

Can you go swimming while on your period (FAST/URGENT)?

Nope when i'm on ine NO swimming for me cause i HATE tampons sooo that means NO swimming :( sorryyy

Your LMP last April R But while you have period you found a milk on your both boobs you take a pregnancy test 3 times but its negatived last May'm your period came but only 1 day?

Yes, you could be pregnant. At the moment it is too early to take a pregnancy test. You need to wait until 3 weeks after you had sex before taking a pregnancy test. However, you period may just be ... Read More »

Can you go swimming when you get your period , ?

You don’t need to use a tampon when swimming, there are other menstrual products you can use which are far better for swimming than tampons such as sponges, softcups or menstrual cups. I recommen... Read More »