Can you go from buying a car to a lease option?

Answer Yes, you can go from buying a car to a lease option, but you must choose the lease option before you sign the purchase papers. A lease allows you to turn in or trade in the car after a predetermine... Read More »

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How to Buy a Lease Option?

Buying a home can be difficult for first-time buyers. For those who have less than perfect credit or don't have enough money for a down payment, a lease option to buy can be the best alternative to... Read More »

How to Lease a Car with the Option to Buy?

Leasing a car is a short-term alternative to entering into a lengthy and expensive car loan. Leasing agreements include purchase options that allow the driver to buy the vehicle at the end of the l... Read More »

How to Buy a House Using a Lease Option?

If you're ready to buy the home of your dreams, but your credit or savings isn't quite ready yet, a lease with option to buy (often simply called a "lease option" or, somewhat inaccurately, "rent t... Read More »