Can you go abroad at the age of seventeen without an adult or a chaperone?

Answer Well for one (and this is common sense)You keep an eye on them at all times.You should always know were your child is going and were they are with currently.You should know who your child is with a... Read More »

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In Texas can a seventeen year old approve an adult to adopt them?

This is called an open adoption. It allows the biological parents to select the adoptive parents and to be involved in their child's life after the adoption.The level of openness is agreed on befor... Read More »

If you're pregnant can you get married without parental consent at the age of seventeen?

Answer Only in certain states, Georgia, Florida and Maryland(with some exceptions). The law in those states requires that the minor present a notarized statement from a doctor licensed in the state... Read More »

Can a seventeen year old have an abortion without parents consent?

in the UK she can _________________________That depends on where you live. In the united states each state has a different law. I would need to know where you live to look that data up. Go to plann... Read More »

Can a seventeen year old move out without her parents consent if they are being abusive?

I think its a consideration, but the law wont approve it because you are still 17, they would consider you to be in a foster home. But then again, you are going to be 18, then its legal.