Can you give up your mentally challenged child for adoption?

Answer You can give it up for adoption, but who will come forward to take it.

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If your cousin is mentally challenged and his mother does not give him what he needs what can you do?

Answer I'm not particularly sure what you mean but if your talking about basic needs then yes do what ever it is to help out your help will be greatly appreciated sometimes it's hard for parents to... Read More »

How do you discipline a mentally challenged child?

To better understand what a child may be communicating through challenging behavior, it is important for adults to play detective and gather information. Think about when, where and with whom the c... Read More »

How do you gauge the brain age of a mentally challenged child?

Your brothers great granddaughter is your great great niece.

If you give up a child for adoption and you die intestate will the child you gave up get any of your assets?