How to Stay Awake When Tired?

Answer Just pulled an all nighter on a school day? You need to wake up fresh for the next day, right? Then this will help. You listen to this, and you will have a great day. Starting with the great morning.

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Give me some natural things to do to help me stay awake.?

Go for a walk, drink lots of green tea or coffee.

Im always tired and i need to be more awake i need an answer?

Perhaps you can find some useful tips in a web search for "natural fatigue remedies".

What do you do to keep yourself awake when you have to drive and you're tired (not falling asleep)?

I've driven straight through from LA to Oklahoma City once. Over 25 hours. I think what helped most was always remembering that I didn't trust the other person to drive my car. On the way out th... Read More »

What tips would you give a woman that will enable her to save her money?

Something that I always recommend to people trying to save some money is to start an excel spreadsheet and in it detail everything you purchase for 6 months and the purchase price. Break items down... Read More »