Google adsense, ill need to give loads of personal info including social secturity number or feral id number?

Answer You can't. And you would be guilty of fraud and tax evasion. Considering tax evasion is what got Al Capone, you really do not want to do that.

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Who must give out a TIN number for a 1099 form?

Independent contractors must file a form 1099 from the Internal Revenue Service if they make more than $600 per year. A TIN is a taxpayer identification number, which is usually your Social Securit... Read More »

What if you give a fake number to get registered on Facebook ?

I would suggest using a real phone number. Especially if they send verification (through SMS) or if your account gets hacked.

Do I have to give my social security number on a job application?

Yes, you are usually required to write your social security number on a job application, as it is illegal for anyone to employ you if you do not have one.Source:Social Security Online: Your Social ... Read More »

Can hospitals make you give a social security number?

Legally, you are not required to give a hospital your Social Security Number. A hospital may request this information for the purposes of completing a death certificate in case you die while in its... Read More »