GIVE ME SOME OF your SLANG car words .?

Answer Here are some...Boss, Cherry, Chopped, Circus Wagon, Deuce Coupe, Flipper, Grocery Getter, Hot Rod, Lead Sled, Port Holer, Skuzz Bucket, T-Bucket and Woody Wagon!

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Wisdom teeth surgically removed. Any words of wisdom?

eat lots of fresh pineapple (not the canned kind) two weeks before hand. it prevents swelling, trust me!and cancel all your plans for the next three days. all you will want to do is lie on the couc... Read More »

What are some loving words to engrave on the ipod you will give your Valentine?

AnswerI love you.Be mine.Be my Valentine.Love ya.Will you go to coffee with me tommorow.etc.

I'm leaving to get my wisdom teeth cut out. Any words of encouragement?

When it's over and you are home .. take the painkillers BEFORE you feel the pain (before the freezing comes out)!!Cold packs, a bag of frozen peas or corn is great to help reduce swelling.Take this... Read More »

I've lost my baby today any words of wisdom :-(?

First let me tell you that it doesn't matter how pregnant you were a loss is an awful thing to go through. Yes maybe it would have been worse down the line but this was still your baby.I'm so sorry... Read More »