Do they give you bracelets to identify your age at the Oasis Viva Beach?

Answer No. ID bracelets are there to identify guests of Oasis Viva Beach so they can travel to other Oasis Hotels and Resorts for the day, not to identify guest age.Source:Travel Impressions: Oasis Viva B... Read More »

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Is the Grand Oasis Cancun next to another Oasis hotel?

The Grand Oasis is located next to another Oasis hotel in Cancun, Mexico, called the Oasis Cancun. Oasis Hoteles is owned by Be Live Hotels, which operates hotels and resorts in 6 countries around ... Read More »

Why do people say "Oasis ARE" instead of "Oasis IS"?

You're correct, of course. But "Oasis is"... it's a little bit of a mouthful even if you're just saying it to yourself. When people say "Oasis are", they could be referring to individual members of... Read More »

How to Transfer Rock Band 1 Songs Into Rock Band 2 on Xbox 360?

Xbox 360 ControllerJust picked up Rock Band 2 for the Xbox 360 and want to transfer your songs from Rock Band 1 to your hard drive? This convenient feature eliminates the hassle of swapping game di... Read More »

What band do you have the most songs of on your ipod?

I have 118 Bright Eyes songs. That's almost 9 hours of music.