God, i need some good comebacks for those boobless attacks.?

Answer do you need a life jacket when you have one attached?who needs a car with air bags?when you run do you smack yourself in the face?BTW im in no way flat-chested but its still funny. good luck, but m... Read More »

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I'm about to give birth. Can you give some help?

First of all, congratulations! Giving birth is a beautiful thing and it is even more beautiful the moment you see your baby out in the world. No need to be worried - there are doctors surrounding y... Read More »

Give me some motivation to give up smoking please!?

Can anyone give me some links for some websites i can trust, to buy iPods?

iF You would like a original and a brand NEW iPods, then I would suggest the following:,Hope ... Read More »

Can anyone give me some very Interesting and funny websites please name some or many web, can beat boring mood?