How to Come Up with Good Comebacks?

Answer "Ew, you're so ugly, gosh, look at your teeth!" says a mean loser."I could say something really mean back, but my mom tells me to be nice to disabled children." you reply.Want to be a comeback gene... Read More »

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How to Think of Quick Witted Comebacks?

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How to Make Clever Comebacks?

When someone disses you, ditches you, humiliates you, bullies you, or even worse, what do YOU do? Do you cry, walk away, pretend everything's OK, or diss them back? If you wanna learn a self-defens... Read More »

How to Make Hilarious Comebacks?

Making hilarious comebacks can make you a force to be deal with and other will think twice before cracking a joke about you or making fun of you. But beware some people can get mad when you outwit ... Read More »

How to Make Up Comebacks when Somebody Calls You Fat?

Are there ever kids that call you 'fat'? This article will tell you how to make a comeback.