Can you give me advise about my eyes I left my glasses in my aunts car?

Answer just wear the old ones, its just for a couple daysyour cute face will show through anyways

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My husband passed away 4 weeks ago from stage four lung cancer i do not know how to cope please give me advise?

My husband died almost 6 months ago from stage four lung cancer. I am still having problems, but I am doing a little bit better. I cried to much and couldn't handle things at all. I was thinking... Read More »

Can you advise me please!?

His system should maintain the installation of Norton, but any settings that changes within the program will most likely return to default.

Need some advise please?

Sounds like you have anxiety.... You don't have to take pills for it... But it helps. I am prescribed medication for anxiety but I try not to take it... Just when you are in the situations.. Breath... Read More »

Still no bfp please advise me :'(?

Hello hun...I know how your feeling... Ive had to stay away from Y/A for a bit because I find myself thinking about it too much and deep down I just want to forget about TTC for a while.. 17 months... Read More »