How do I add lyrics to my MP4?

Answer Nº1 THE LYRICS PROGRAM there are many ones but basically i use one that works as a plug-in in many programs(winamp, mediaplayer, itunes, etc) u can . I use MiniLyrics but if want 2 look for it u c... Read More »

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How do i copyright my lyrics?

Copyright is a legal right granted to an author of a work that makes him the only person allowed to copy and distribute that original work. If you're the author of song lyrics, in order to copyrigh... Read More »

Mcdonalds rap lyrics?

Here it isBoom, Boom Boom Big MacBoom, Boom Boom Big Mac(said throughout song for beat)I need a double cheeseburger and hold the lettuceDon't be frontin' son no seeds on a bunWe be up in this drive... Read More »

How to Write Lyrics?

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How to Learn Lyrics?

You are in the car listening to your favorite radio channel, and right after one of your favorite songs end, some catchy tune is starting up. After hearing it out, you do your best to memorize the ... Read More »